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Custom Baselball Jersey Available Now

After our continuous efforts, fully customized baseball jerseys have been launched. We can meet your full range of personalized customization needs. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Sublimation – The Best Choice for Jerseys

All jerseys from Quarter Mile Sports are made with sublimation which is the best choice ever.

Sublimation is a manufacturing process that infused entire design into blank fabrics. As dyes come from digital printer, there are no limits of designs need to be printed on jersey. All contents including patterns of jersey, logos, numbers, sponsors and player names become part of the fabric. There are so many incidental advantages.

Sublimation Jersey is More Economical

Compare with screen printing and embroidery contents which are rest on the surface of the fabric, sublimated contents don't crack, wear or peel off, because they are infused into the fabric. The extra durability can provide significant cost saving as you play more and more games.

Generally, the more contents you have on the jerseys, the more you need to pay for screen printing and embroidery. With Quarter Mile Sports sublimation jerseys – all included price provides a waiver of all additional printing fees. Don’t let cost limits your design, feel free to have more creative artworks and sponsorship.

Sublimation Jersey is More Comfortable

The jersey remains nice and smooth. You can feel nothing but the fabric because printing is within the fabric. This is much better than feeling the dried ink or embroidery patch from logos.

Getting rid of ink or patch lying on the surface, sublimation is more lightweight and has better moisture-wicking performance than conventional jerseys. It allows you to pay more attentions on your games.

Sublimation Jersey is More Expressive

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