How do I place an order when I've seen the style I want?

Please follow the steps in the "Design" page to complete the communication and place your order.


What format do I need to provide the file in if I need to use my own design?

PNG,PDF,AI,PS can be used, but please note that it is best to use vectorized files, if not, please provide high definition files, if the clarity is not enough, it may lead to blurred finished products, affecting your shopping experience.


Can I provide any file with any content to be printed on the clothes?

Yes, our process is the "sublimation" process, which has the advantage of being able to print whatever you want, regardless of complexity and detail, as long as the file you provide is clear or vectorized.


Why is there a color difference between the product I received and the proof?

Because different display devices will have color difference when viewing the same content, the display device for color matching during production is different from the display device when you view the proof, which will lead to color difference. We will do our best to match the color of the file you provide; if you provide a picture file instead of a vectorized file, the difference may be obvious, because the picture file cannot be selected for individual adjustment, there may be color differences.


What should I do if I want to reduce the color difference?

All of our factories use the international standard Pantone C card for color matching and mixing, if you want to minimize the color difference, you can provide us with the Pantone C card color number to achieve.


What are the restrictions when I provide a Pantone C-card color number?

Because the fabric coloring and Pantone C cardboard coloring is different, because the material is different, too bright or too dark color can not be achieved, please contact customer service to confirm the specific, if can not achieve we will also get in touch with you.



What's the restrictions on the placement of messages and logos when designing?

For shorts:

Please do not place in the middle or across the middle and on the waist.

For clothes with sleeves:

Please do not put information across the body and sleeves.

Because these parts are located in the sewing position, can not guarantee perfect alignment, in order to ensure your shopping experience please do not place information or logos in these positions.

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